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‘Sneh’ means ‘Love/Affection’ and in Sneh Therapy we wish to bring you closer to yourself through our services and therapeutic alliance! We believe that no matter what you come to us for, you already carry within you an ocean of intuitive wisdom. At Sneh therapy, we will strive not only for you to discover but also use this wisdom as a compass to your life and heal through anything, be it anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, eating disorder issues etc.


If any part of you voices the need towards enhancing your overall well being in the form of therapy, then that part deserves to be honored!

About the Founder- Snehal Saraf

The Mental Health field and I, both chose each other! Together we are a power; pushing hard to facilitate empowering identities and a new lease of life to the lives we touch.

After the first session I had as a professional which surprisingly never felt like a first, I knew it was not only the educational skills I learnt that came forth, but there was more. Overtime I gave that ‘more’ the name of ‘Intuitive wisdom’ which is the product of all my life experiences, deep introspectional periods, the books I have read and so much more that I will never know.

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Values & Commitments

And you?
When will you begin that long journey into yourself?


Clients Speak

“Snehal is one of the most sensitive, understanding, and empathetic person I have come across till date. The maturity with which she listens and helps people (me) deal with issues and come out of whatever troubles assail them is really her biggest strength. You can speak freely with her without any fear of judgement. If you are looking for someone to listen and understand you, she is exactly the right person to go to. Many thanks to Snehal for helping me through my difficult time."

M.P.C., Kolkata

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