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Support Group - Empowered Empaths

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Narcissism is a hidden pandemic in rise! Narcissistic Abuse can only be understood when experienced- Due to the manipulative nature of narcissistic abuse, therapists may also miss the mark. Therapists often suggest bettering communication patterns; managing anxiety and healing attachment styles to clients who report feeling confused, inadequate, invalidated, “on a roller coaster of emotions” and lack of ‘genuine’ affection in their relationships. However these clients could be undergoing Narcissistic Abuse.

This group is for Empaths who tend to get caught up in a make-believe world of a Narcissist much like a moth to the flame and endure what is known as Narcissistic Abuse! This Support Group endeavours to shed light on Narcissism and let the Survivors know that We Believe You! You are NOT crazy! It is NOT your fault! Your Empathy is to be Empowered NOT Exploited! Since Narcissistic Abuse is very isolating and confusing, healing will automatically happen when all empaths will come together and receive answers which will help them validate and make meaning of their experiences! The group hopes to foster Radical Acceptance of what is, so that the Empaths take charge of their lives & Reclaim their Identity. The Support group also intends to actively psycho-educate/share resources and open the space for everyone to share coping techniques in order for the participants to start/continue their respective Healing Journey(s).

As a group, it will be our responsibility to uphold certain ethics:
A. Respect for all members no matter where they are, ahead or behind you in their healing journey. Everyone’s trajectory can look different even when moving towards the same direction.
B. The essence of this group is in the presence of each member and the exchange of support amongst each other. Thus, we owe it to the group to know of your absence from scheduled sessions in advance.
C. The sacredness of this group lies in how safe and judgement free one feels. The confidentiality of detail shared in the group is of utmost priority.
D. Commitment to yourself to take full space without shrinking while also make space for others to do the same!"

Facilitator: Snehal Saraf, Psychotherapist and Founder of Sneh Therapy. 

Mode of meeting: Second Saturdays, Online, 1.5-2 hours.

Fee:  INR 350/month

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