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Professional Development



For the lifelong learning and growth of therapist and therapeutic skills, supervision is a must! Our Founder & Psychotherapist- Snehal Saraf provides supervision to early career and seasoned therapists.


Supervision is provided at 3 levels based on the needs of the supervisee. 

Case supervision: discussing client case notes and therapeutic alliance, sharpening conceptualisation skills, and determining interventions.

Professional Development: learning/revising major modalities/school of thoughts like Psychodynamic- attachment styles, CBT, DBT, Trauma informed, Existential, Gestalt etc. Exploring self as a therapist by fostering greater self-awareness, capacity building, making room for reflections, addressing burn-out & self-care, and solving ethical dilemmas.

Practice Development: assistance with setting private practice by sharing necessary templates, resources, and entrepreneurial skill training.



Sneh therapy turns out to be a much needed Finishing School for budding therapists! We offer an immersive and intensive Internship programme ensuring a nutshell experience of being a therapist. Sneh Therapy will help widen the knowledge base and put the same into application under a conducive environment. Interns can expect a step-by-step hand holding and a safety net as they venture into practising!
Eligibility Criteria : Master's in Psychology (Counselling/Clinical) either completed or in the 2nd Year of the course from a recognized university.
Internship will include:

  •  One-on-one therapy sessions with clients, under Supervisory Guidance.

  • Assistance in structuring sessions, case conceptualization and creating therapeutic plans.

  • Access to relevant resources and material for research/studies.

  • Facilitation of support groups and/or workshops under guidance.

  • In-Depth review of books/research articles relevant to case or interest area.

  • Observership of therapy sessions with client's consent.

Internship Benefits :
- Direct exposure to therapy conducting experience while honing skills under
guidance and supervision.
- Opportunity to explore one's approach as therapist in terms of therapeutic
modality and population preferred.
- Internship Completion Certificate provided at the end of the internship

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S.M, Kolkata

"As a fresher in the field of Counselling Psychology,  I was in a great need of guidance and support and I was searching for an internship that was a good fit for me. I consider myself to be blessed to have found Ms Snehal Saraf who guided me through each and every step in the process of therapy; introduced me to several concepts and resource materials and always had her door open for me and my questions. I also got the chance to be a part of the support group- 'Empowered Empaths' where I observed the work of the facilitator , Ms Snehal Saraf, which was a learning experience for me as well as hear the experiences of the participants and how they supported each other which was indeed inspiring. 

These 2 months were an eye opener, filled with knowledge and exposure. Thank you for giving me the support and space throughout my journey. I hope to learn more from you!"

A.P, Kolkata
"My supervision experience with Snehal has been a journey of immense growth and learning! Her approach is super gentle but supportive and firm as well, and I greatly appreciate the space she provides me with so I can reflect on my own journey as a counsellor! She always has plenty of tools in her arsenal to help with any issues I may be facing, and her book recommendations are always on point!"
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