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‘Sneh’ means ‘Love/Affection’ and in Sneh Therapy we wish to bring you closer to yourself through our services and therapeutic alliance! We believe that no matter what you come to us for, you already carry within you an ocean of Intuitive Wisdom. At Sneh therapy, we will strive not only for you to discover but also use this wisdom as a compass to your life and heal through anything, be it anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, eating disorder issues etc. Yes, all we need to do is find pathways to keep coming back home-to ourselves!

Sneh therapy hopes for you to Re-Define, Re-Instate and Re-Claim your relationship with self, others and the world at large. Therapy will empower you to remain Centred & Anchored in yourself while you navigate the hill tops and valleys of your life! Nothing around you may change yet a new and more resourceful self will emerge.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be if you-
Want to heal by meeting yourself again; 
Want to experience a safe space for your vulnerable parts; 
Want to reconnect with your authenticity, values and needs; 
Want to give yourself the permission slip to just be!

If any part of you voices the need towards enhancing your overall well being in the form of therapy, then that part deserves to be honored!


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Existential quest and I share a long history, dating back to my school going years. I believed that knowing the truth of this Universe's existence will help me make sense of my existence, and kid you not, I made most of my life up till now a journey to unravel the secrets of life! I read books after books on Spirituality, Mysticism, Mythology and tried my best to evolve and become better and better to reach an understanding of my purpose here. I never felt quite there because there was always so much more to know and so much more to become!

Along the way I thankfully realised, “hey, I am a part of and perhaps the most accessible contact to the universe! Maybe I embody all the answers I ever want to know!” And this is when I turned from outwards to inwards and began my journey to meet myself in my wholeness and authenticity. It has not been an easy commitment- it makes me confront and peel one layer at a time and its endless. But I am learning, learning to go slow, kind and gentle on myself. Though I couldn't pursue Metaphysics and other such interest areas but I did get into a profession which facilitated my quests nonetheless and in the most beautiful manner! The Mental Health field and I, both chose each other! Together we are a power; pushing hard to facilitate empowering identities and a new lease of life to the lives we touch.

My favourite Therapist and Author, Irvin Yalom says- “ needs technique in learning to play the piano but eventually, if one is to make music, one must transcend learned techniques and trust one’s spontaneous moves.” After the first session I had as a professional which surprisingly never felt like a first, I knew it was not only the educational skills I learnt that came forth, but there was more. Overtime I gave that ‘more’ the name of ‘Intuitive wisdom’ which is the product of all my life experiences, deep introspectional periods, the books I have read and so much more that I will never know. In sessions, I access this intuition by being deeply Present to and Authentic with my clients-I believe in showing up with all my humanness because therapy is not about techniques and theories. It is the relational template the client and therapist share which facilitates healing. When I enter with my flaws and strengths with full ownership, the clients model after it and give themselves the permission to be authentic as well. This work means so much to me, I guess it gets translated into what my dearest philosopher & mystic Rumi says-“What you seek, is seeking you.”

One of the turning points in my life was exposure to Narcissism-a whole new world opened up which one could never believe can exist because it so dark with several illusions of light that can keep one caught up in the maze! Figuring my way out of the maze made me experience reality, life and self differently and I began to see the larger scheme of things. My career saw a major shift post my healing wherein I was coincidentally being sought by clients wanting to improve their toxic relationships which turned out to be Narcissistic! A common narrative in all of them was- “Can a person really do this to the other? Is this only happening to me because I am not good enough? What do I need to change to be loved? Why me?” This is when I knew that I have to bring my amazing Survivors of abuse/Empaths together for them to know- IT IS NOT YOU & YOU DESERVE THE BEST! Hence, I run a support group called ‘Empowered Empaths’ for the individuals navigating/surviving narcissistic abuse as well as provide one-on-one counselling to heal from narcissistic abuse. I want to hold space for the multiple realities and help clients know that in the stream of endless possibilities, they can have their own truth to hold on to as well!


When not in the shoes of a therapist, I can be seen putting pen on paper, reading, Latin dancing, practising yoga or swinging on my swing.

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