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Panda-ful 2023

You must have heard people say- "I slept like a baby last night." Because if there is one thing that babies are not needed to be taught and instead carry an in-built wisdom about is the IMPORTANCE OF REST! We will all nod in agreement when told about the need to rest but have you noticed how your body and mind will absolutely not allow you to relax?

Those tedious internal conflicts of wanting to sleep but aimlessly scrolling instagram; the wanting to shut eyes but starting one more gaming session; the wanting to take a break but the guilt that glues you to the work screen; the wanting to lie down but the shame of laziness taking over!


Because the narratives upheld by toxic productivity, hustle culture & capitalistic systems have sabotaged the needs of our nervous system. The incompatibility between these narratives and our needs are visible in the number of people affected by emotional/mental health issues. YES! Mental health issues are a direct manifestation of the misaligned lives we are living when trying to align with societal and systemic structures instead of our body.

For example chronic burnout due to the narrative around productivity & meeting targets that lead to nervous system shut down and can result in depression.

For example the narrative of ideal body type that shames our existence into eating disorders.

For example the narrative of “you are what you do” contributing to the anxiety of proving yourself by participating in rat races.

For example, for example, for example… you know what I mean, so let’s not be a part of the problem!

This New Year, Sneh Therapy ardently hopes that we return to the wisdom we were born with!

That we let our nervous systems feel safe and at home again with us!

That we experience the power of slowing and just being!

That we realise while you are enough, you can still achieve instead of achieving to feel enough!

Here's to Relaxing the Resolution of #NewYearNewMe with #NewYearRestfulMe and leading a Panda-ful life of gentle yet firm existence and internal as well as external harmony!

Join us in holding the following intentions-

Intend to Rest your eyes Intend to Rest your healing work Intend to Rest your social media Intend to Rest the doing mind Intend to Rest exhausting relationships Intend to Rest the inner critic Intend to Rest becoming more Intend to Rest YOURSELF!

In Franz Kafka’s words: You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet, still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.

-Snehal Saraf

Category: Kintsugi with Compassion

Therapeutic work is often about Curiously & Compassionately saying, "Hi" to yourself again and again and again...until You and Your parts are Kintsugi-ed!


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